Mistakes Newbies Make with Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook ads possess a huge potential for business models. However, when getting started with Facebook Ads campaigns, you will make a lot of mistakes. Chances are, you wouldn’t even realize where are you faltering and this way, you’ll be stuck up in a perpetual loop of taking the wrong strategy. This might jeopardize your dream of making ground-breaking revenue by Ads.

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Common mistakes on Facebook Advertisements 

1- Not having a clear objective- if you do not have a clear objective in mind, it is highly likely that your ad campaign would fail. Your chances of succeeding are well-nigh zilch if you do not have a clear perception of goals. You must decide that whether you want to increase traffic, or do you want to do more promotion or get more leads.

Setting clear and achievable goals at an early stage helps you define and refine your strategy for the ads campaign.

2- Failing to form a clear value proposition- Newbies often overlook the value proposition of the campaign. Your value proposition is the answer to why someone should be doing business with you and not with your competitors. If your ad is devoid of a value proposition, your ad is bound to bring fewer conversions.

To add value proposition, your landing page must mention the benefits of doing business with you and what makes you unique. It is advisable to add images on the landing page too which increases your credibility.

3- Wrong targeting- Facebook hosts more than 2 billion users. A slight mistake in using the filters would lead you to the wrong audience which is least bothered by your Ad. You will end up squandering your resources and invaluable time over an irrelevant audience. Thus, you must adopt the most precise targeting strategy while marketing.

When you are confident that you have figured the right audience, it’s time to re-target them.

4- Using the wrong type of ad- Facebook has an array of ad types. You must figure out which one suits you.

5- Excessive use of ads- if you create very intricate ad accounts which are replete with campaigns, you may end up jeopardizing the efficacy of the campaign. This also makes it difficult to track how your overall budget is being implemented. The solution to this problem is reducing the number of ads. This will also let you have a surplus budget for each ad.

6- Banal ads devoid of viral content- You must remember that Facebook is a casual platform. People use Facebook as a time killer. If your ad is devoid of any spicy stuff that grabs their attention, your ad will pass on unnoticed. We live in the ‘meme’ ear today. You must incorporate viral memes and other trends in your ads.

This makes the ads more relatable. It will be a cherry on the pie if you can add humour to the ads which bring a laugh to the audience.

7- Recognising only the lower rung of sales funnel- You must avoid the obsession to always shoehorn a selling pitch on Facebook Ads. The users on Facebook are casual scrollers and not always ready to buy. Instead, use these ads to connect with potential customers. Avoid looking like a maniac who wants to sell to all.

8- Ads not optimized to all devices- More than 79% of Facebook users use mobile phones only as their preferred device to access Facebook. It would be a shame if your ads are not compatible with mobile screens. If users are required to zoom in or out to view your ads, you are already out of the race of making a sale.


Now that you know what the most common mistakes are, you must avoid making them. Even if you have made some mistakes, you must avoid repeating them. Channelize your mistakes as lessons for the future. This practice of learning and implementing will work wonders for you in the long run.

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