Everything about Suction rabbit vibrators

  1. Rotation

Some vibrators have a shaft that rotates or makes a “come hither” motion. This is presumably used for vaginal stimulation. These vibrators don’t work well. These pelvic floor muscles which wrap around the rectum and vagina are very strong. We find that the handle moves more than the handle. Instead of using a mechanized motion to move the vibrator, we recommend that you use the grinding or thrusting motions, which I will describe in the next section.


  1. Flexible external nub

Many vibrators in rabbit-style are made for the external nub of the animal to be in one spot. This can be beneficial for engineering integrity (preventing the user from bending the device), but it is important for the user experience. One position might be ideal for clitoral stimulation, but not for g-spot stimulation or vice versa. To make it easier to reach both spots, why not give some flexibility?

Different people have suction-style sex toys.


3. Biofeedback

This is not a time to brag about ourselves, a rabbit-style vibrator, is the only one that offers biofeedback. It also has an app that allows you to view your pleasure muscles in real-time. You can also view your pleasure muscles in real-time with the live viewing feature.


How to use a suction rabbit vibrator

It is common to believe that suction rabbit vibrators are only suitable for vaginal/clitoral double stimulation. This is far from the truth. The suction rabbit vibrator was designed to stimulate two areas at once. However, it’s not just for that purpose.

The golden rule is: The one rule that will always work is to have a great lube handy.

Here are some suggestions for ways to use a suction rabbit vibrator.


  1. External stimulation can only be done with a suction rabbit vibrator

The shaft and the external nub can be used to stimulate the clitoris, vulva as well as anus. Nipples, testicles…you get the idea. You can also use a suction rabbit vibrator if the vibration or shape of the toy feels good on a part of your body. You don’t have to use it for only clitoral/vaginal stimulation.

This vibrator can be used for foreplay and full masturbation. You don’t need to be a masturbation cop, so if it makes you feel good and you’re comfortable with it, you can use it.


  1. Two-handed technique

You can use a suction rabbit vibrator only for external stimulation, but it’s okay to have both hands available to enjoy yourself simultaneously. One hand can hold the handle, the other the external nub. As long as it is flexible enough to move about, you can do both.


  1. Instead of using the handle, hold the external nub.

The handle doesn’t need to be held on to. Instead, you can grab the external nub to have greater control over the vibrations you are focusing on. This method is recommended in conjunction with the grinding method.


  1. Turning

In my own experience, we have found that studying suction rabbit vibrators is a rewarding job. If you want to use a rabbit vibrator to produce significant thrusting motion, it is important to be aware of what you receive and how to best use it.

One problem with suction rabbit vibrators is that when you move the handle to move a shaft, it also moves the clitoral nub. Depending on how it’s used and the design of the nub, the nub might be moved to areas you don’t want. Although we have yet to find a single design that suits everyone’s needs and bodies, there are some designs that work well and are able to be used by many people. Different body types and masturbation styles require different toys.

  1. Grinding

The grinding motion is one of the best ways to use a rabbit vibrator, provided you like the way it feels. After any foreplay, insert the shaft and place the clitoral stimulator where you want it to be. If you need additional lubrication, add oil to your shaft before you start using it. Once you have set the settings you prefer, you can start to rock the shaft, and rub against your G-Spot.

To add pressure to the stimulator or have more control over it, you can place your hand on it.

This is probably the best way to keep control of your toy and to rub it exactly the way you want.

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